Participation of A&D in the international architecture competition "Shelter in the Himalayas"

August 6, 2015

Trekking is a way of meditating. A pilgrimage till you reach your goal. Similarly the road towards enlightenment is done via a pilgrimage through life giving you experiences for spiritual teaching and guidance. To reach enlightenment you need to follow a spiritual path moving upwards, which could be translated through trekking, climbing up a mountain to get closer to the divine. During your journey towards enlightenment, sanctuaries are the location where you recharge from everyday life. The Modular Hut represents a sanctuary. A place were trekkers will be able to rest and recharge their will power in order to continue their journey. The design has been inspired by local architectural lines, trying to create a mystical sensation for anyone that is going to be staying for the night or for a longer period of time. The modularity of the Hut which is its most important trade is done in order to allow flexibility according to site and functional requirements since it should be applicable to various different sites along trails throughout the Himalayas. In this way it forms a unique, new quality product for Nepal to be adapted and replicated in all parts of the country. Sustainable energy is used for self-efficiency while snow water collection provides washing and drinkable water. ...intelligent web software
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