2008 - Residence in Kifissia


Private Residence
Location: Kifissia, Vasileous Alexandrou Str. Attica, Greece
Construction: 2006-2008

The original plot was consisted of a single story country house built in Kifissia 1920. In 1970 it was expanded towards the East were two bedrooms and an extra bathroom were constructed. In 1992 a second floor was built while in 2006 outdoor spaces such as terraces and outdoor fixed seating were added. The aspiration of ​​the renovation was to respect the elements of the primary building built in 1920.

The total work gives the impression that it was constructed during that time and has just been renovated. The colors selected for the edifice were based on the old colors found, while the old railings were used for the outdoor spaces. Additionally the concrete tiles of the basement and ground floor of the old house were used to decorate them.

The interior arches have been left to be aparent in order for someone to be able to decipher how the old building has been constructed. The interior design has been given a modern touch to the extent that character and style of a house built in the 1920’s has been kept intact.

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