2019 - Cremation Center in Patras


Location: Patras, Peloponnese, Greece
Architectural competition: 2019

A Cremation Centre has been planned to be built on a plot of land of 10.400m2, in Patras, Peloponnese in Greece.

The architectural idea aims at highlighting the right to religion freedom and personal philosophical aspect of life and death. The key elements of the composition are the Water, which embraces the building and symbolizes the cleansing of the soul of the dead, and the spiral Hill and the Tree at the top, which symbolizes the time, the continuity of life and the return to the centre.

The design is highly eco-friendly and intends to unify nature, life and death. The building becomes one with nature, the water represents life and its function embodies fatality. It feels as if it emerges from the ground allowing a glimpse of the water, the hill and the serene surrounding landscape. An ecological building with planted roofs, photo-voltaic on the roof above the Ceremony Hall, water which apart from its soothing properties, will also serve for the cooling, but also as a backup fire protection of the building. The building's main materials will be concrete and glass, while the exterior rusty metal of the Incinerator will signify that life is perishable.

The building’s composition consists of areas such as the Reception, Personnel Offices, Incinerator, Ceremonial Hall, Refectory, as well as other auxiliary and E/M spaces. The Ceremony Hall, which has been located in the tallest building, hopes to award the idea of elevating the memory of the deceased during farewells, while the Refreshment Center overlooking the artificial river is intended to soothe the painful sense of separation.


.crematorium view lofos
.crematorium view 1a
.crematorium parking view 1a
.crematorium night
.ceremony cam
.Reception cam
.Reception cam
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