2010 - “Wave” Chania Commercial Centre


Location: Platanias - Chania, Crete, Greece
Competition: 2010
Head of project: Klearchos Maleas, Apostolos Karachalios
Architects: V. Kiriakopoulou, B. Papathouli, S. Chryssos, A. Gerasimopoulou, E. Toumbakari
Bioclimatic Study: UK Consultancy Partnership, Joey Macedo
Interior Architect Designer: S. Spyropoulos
Civil Engineer: P. Diamadouros

The design's intention in the formation of the complex, was its differentiation from the existing surrounding environment, emphasizing introversion.
Particular emphasis was given to the transparency of the interior and to the creation of a single shell enclosure.

The shell is characterized by plasticity, in order to consolidate the different volumes of the complex, and function as a skin for the outer facades. They have been cut off visually from the neighboring buildings, creating the feeling of a corrugated cocoon that embraces the building and furthermore enhances its introversion, encouraging the visitor to prolong his stay.

At the same time it serves as a shelter protecting open paths from the heat and sun, with a key feature being the large curved elliptical translucent and circular holes, through which trees can grow, planted on the first floor. A second shelter-gate on the south side of the building marks the end of a morphological main volume.
Combined with the green roof floor on the south side and the strategic placement of trees inside and outside building's body natural cooling is achieved by filtering the hot air.

Finally, the elliptical-mounted fountain waterfall in the center of the atrium regulates the natural moisture of the area, contributing to the improvement of the buildings microclimate.


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