2014 - “The Floating Gallery” hotel


Competition: 2014
Head of project: Klearhos Maleas
Designers: Konstantinidi Domenika, Malea Daphne, Ambatzis Eleftherios

The “Floating Gallery” is an inspirational hotel for artists, designed to inspire and stimulate, by rousing all their senses through coming into contact with different societies, locations and activities. The hotel has been placed on an abandoned aquifer boat, to honor those ships which brought the element of life to all Greek islands but are now in extinction due to desalination.

The skin of the structure has been inspired by coral patterns likening the hotel to a living organism attached on the ship, transforming it into a messenger, connecting islands and mainland through culture and art. 15 artists’ studios have been located in the ships bay designed on two levels. The top levels for every two studios can be linked to each other, creating a communal space if desired.

The reception and main entrance have been located on the front rear. A long corridor connects the ships communal spaces through a promenade, starting from the reception area leading up to the ships library space.

On the 1st level above deck two multi -functional spaces have been located, one for performance and the other for visual art activities, connected if soderised for all artists to be able to interact with each other. On the 2nd level secluded from any public activity the quiet room has been located for meditation and relaxation. On the back rear of the ship the entrance for the studios can be found, while the private spaces for the hotels personnel have been located at the ships astern.

The main materials used for the new structure are glass, steal, iron and wood. The furniture pieces have been designed by recyclable materials.

Minimizing environmental impact, Transparent PV Glass has been used for the entire structure, Wind Turbines have been installed on the roof top while SDF Floors have been placed in the multi-functional spaces. The energy generated is inverted back to a main grid battery system to reduce fuel consumption as much as possible. Following the concept of Slow Food, the hotel offers only local products and cuisine and vegetables from its vegetable garden.


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