What is the bioclimatic design of "green" buildings

The term "bioclimatic" describes the design which, taking into account the local climate, seeks to achieve the optimal conditions of internal comfort, with the utilization of the available natural resources and the minimum consumption of energy.
Basic techniques of bioclimatic design are thermal protection of the building shell, passive solar heating-cooling systems and natural light systems use.

Why bioclimatic design is important

The causes which led to the necessity of bioclimatic design are:

• Climate change,
• Ozone depletion,
• Reduction of biodiversity,
• Deforestation,
• Energy crisis
• Limitation of available natural resources due to their over-consumption,

All of these are now major threats that disturb the ecological balance of the entire planet and have a direct impact to our daily life and the environment.

Examples of bioclimatic design

Award Winning Sustainable Office Building in Athens

A recent example of bioclimatic design is the modern "green" office building completed in 2021 in Athens. It is a multi-story bioclimatic office building with special features, designed by our office and certified according to LEED standards at the LEED Gold level.

The new seven-story bioclimatic building, with a total area of ​​6,900 m2, was built at 119 Alexandras St. in the Ampelokipi area of ​​the Municipality of Athens. It includes offices and lecture rooms, as well as three leveled underground parking space.

Particular attention was paid to the building’s form and location so that it fits harmoniously into the existing environment and the geomorphology while standing out by leaving the imprint of its time. The main element chosen for the building facade were the perforated panels made of aluminum cells in the color of oxidized copper. The panels act as sunshades on the main elevation facing south. On the back facade, where the requirements for shading were less, the panels function as a "parapet" completing the whole building aesthetic.

The Klearchos Maleas Architects and Designers architectural firm, has long-term experience in the design, the reconstruction and the restoration of historical buildings, as well.

    Shelter in the Himalayas

    Another example of bioclimatic architecture is a shelter in the Himalayas in Nepal in an international competition.

    Awards in bioclimatic design and construction
    (Sustainable design & Construction)

    Based on the above, the building was certified in the LEED GOLD energy class and won two awards in the recent "Aluminum in Architecture Awards 2021" competition.

    Silver award in the
    Sustainable Construction category

    Bronze award in the
    Sustainable Architecture Design category

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